Value Added Services

Platinum/Rhodium Reclaim Programs

Value Added Services Platinum/Rhodium Reclaim Programs
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CEL offers in precious metal exchange & reclamation programs for thermocouples. The program creates opportunities for customers to maximize the value of their used thermocouples while also creating price stability of precious metals. By returning your used product to CEL, we are able to provide brand new product at a significantly reduced cost. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you recognize significant savings

Product Tagging & Serialization

Product Tagging Product Tagging & Serialization
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CEL offers a variety of product identification or tagging options, including: Paper Tags, Metal Dog Tags, Blue Sticker Tags & Engraved Connectors

Product Kitting

Product Kitting Product Kitting
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Our team is experienced in helping you develop a customized kit by quantity, type, length, etc. to fit your operational needs

Kitting is a great way to save time and money, reduce inventory SKU’s, and/or assure qualit

Secure packaging to assure your investment arrives safely

Custom designed packaging & identification

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